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Facts on Evolution


          Since Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution, the church has done a very poor job refuting its claims.  In fact, the majority of the church has made various attempts to blend the Bible and evolution together.  However, if a close look is taken it becomes quite clear that one position has to compromise.  Unfortunately, the majority of these compromises comes from the church.  In recent years things have changed.  Many bible believing scientists have come to the forefront to defend God's word against the attack of evolution.


          This page contains great information from various sites refuting the claims of evolution.  When push comes to shove, evolution cannot stand against Gods word.  Below are some recommended sites for research, video presentations to download, and videos to watch online.



Suggested Websites









Evolution Articles


Creation Evidence Discredits Evolution



Watch Now

          This is one of the best video series on the subject of creation and evolution.  Dr. Hovind is very qualified and has a God given gift to explain this subject so all can understand.  Start watching the first video and you will not be able to stop.


100 Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



The Age of the Earth

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



The Garden of Eden

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



Dinosaurs and the Bible

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



Lies in the Textbooks

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



The Dangers of Evolution

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com



The Hovind Theory

(Kent Hovind) - www.drdino.com