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Must See Videos


          Here are some videos that every Believer should see.  Each of them presents a political topic that is very true, but widely unknown.  They will reveal much about the world we live in.  Although they do not represent a typical Bible topic, the information is very relevant to the student of the Bible.  Watch the videos and use discernment to see where this fits in Gods plan.  If you see this information as true, consider supporting their work by purchasing the DVD.  Then of course, share it with someone.  The link to the producer is provided above the video.


Invisible Empire - A New World Order Defined

(Jason Bermas & Alex Jones) - www.infowars.com

Jason Bermas goes through the true history of America through the eyes of an invisible empire.  This shadow government has been in place for centuries and is threatening to destroy America.



America: Freedom to Fascism

(Aaron Russo) - www.freedomtofascism.com

A must see film to start you down the road to understanding the American tax system. 




The Fall of the Republic

(Alex Jones) - www.infowars.com

Alex Jones documents America’s economic and political decline at the hands of global elitists who now dominate its government, financial institutions, media, and major political parties.



Money as Debt

(Paul Grignon) - www.moneyasdebt.net

The American monetary system is something that is widely misunderstood and is a topic that Believers should better understand.  Paul Grignon does an excellent job explaining a complicated system of monetary oppression.



Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

(Alex Jones) - www.infowars.com

You wont believe it until you see it.  Alex Jones exposes a shocking truth about the global elite.  All Believers need to see this film to better understand the truth about the world we live in.




If you are interested in these videos please visit the producers site for a copy.  Some of these producers give permission to copy and share their productions; however, if you like the content we suggest buying a copy to support their work.  These videos are hosted elsewhere on the internet (Google video, YouTube, etc.)