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UFO's in the Bible


         The topic of UFO's is usually something not talked about in Biblical conversations.  The thought of aliens from another planet visiting the earth does not seem to fit into God's Word.  But what if a different explanation of UFO's would not only fit with biblical doctrine, but also provide a deeper understanding of some difficult passages.  It is the contention of Answereth a Matter that the topic of UFO's should be investigated by the church today.  In fact, when you do investigate the evidence overwhelmingly points to the reality of UFO's.  The question then follows is "Who are they?"  Are they really aliens from another planet or does the Bible provide a different answer.  Watch the following video by Ali Siadatan from Think Again Productions.

UFO's Angels & Gods
Ali Siadatan - www.thinkagainproductions.com

Ali Siadatan documents the current UFO phenomenon and provides a Biblical answer to some very difficult questions.  If this video peaks your curiosity consider purchasing the DVD from the link above.

The UFO Conspiracy

This is another video to support a biblical explanation of the UFO phenomenon.


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2 Timothy 2:15 KJV