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The Dangers of Vaccinations


          Answereth a Matter does not claim to be an expert on the topic of vaccinations.  We simply believe in facilitating the relevant information.  It is important to remember that competent Medical Doctors are on both sides of the issue.  Many times it is portrayed that all doctors agree that vaccines have cured several diseases and pose no health threats.  This is simply not true.  Many doctors believe that vaccines are not only ineffective, but can cause harm, especially to young children.  We simply want to provide information regarding this side of the issue.


           Please view all the links to websites, articles, data and videos and make up your own mind.  As always, pray, study, and use Godly discernment in all decisions.



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Vaccine Data


          See for yourself.  Are we sure that vaccines do what they say they do?  If so, then why were most diseases dropping decades before the vaccines were introduced.  Why do vaccinated children get the same disease as unvaccinated children?  Sometime with a higher frequency.  Check the charts below.


Various Disease

Death Rate




Polio Death Rate


Pertussis Death Rate


Measles Death Rate


Outbreak of Measles



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If you are interested in these videos please visit the producers site for a copy.  A purchase of the DVD makes this information easier to share and supports their work as well.  These videos are hosted elsewhere on the internet (Google video, YouTube, etc.)